The following is an explanation of what is meant by E safety and what it involves. E safety is everything to do with internet security, it is used to protect users from giving away their personal information to other internet users in the cyber world, personal information is things like addresses personal details and even things like banking details. E safety is also there to make people aware of cybercrime in general.

Other examples of things you would not/should not post are; Personal pictures or videos because without some type of E safety protection as soon as you upload these anyone on the internet can gain access to them. Another example of why E safety is so important is to protect people from things like fake emails where you are asked to give your passwords or some other kind of personal details, this information should never be disclosed via email and only by the company/person themselves.

E safety also makes people aware of meeting strangers online, this is currently a big problem as more and more people are meeting strangers online and then getting themselves into serious trouble or danger. People online aren’t always who they say they are and it’s easy for them to hide behind the keyboard.

Lastly you must respect other people’s views online even if you don’t agree with them, if you start posting comments that people may find offensive to them then you could be getting yourself into trouble. If you see something online that you don’t agree with or makes you uncomfortable, unsafe or worried then leave whatever site you are on and turn off your computer if you feel it is necessary.

I believe e-safety is an important subject that everyone should be aware of. I feel that it is not mentioned enough to people, I think more adverts and campaigns should be made to make people more aware. Also I personally think it should be a subject in school to teach younger ages the importance of the dangers of what the internet can contain and what it can do to you as an individual. This will prevent people being in situations such as cyber crime and criminal activity.

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